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Welcome to Crimson, a World of Warcraft guild on the Defias Brotherhood (EU) server.

Our army strives to become an elite vanguard, at the forefront of WoW's challenges. Wherever we commit ourselves in world PvP, we seek to help push the limits using our own tactics, setups and ventrilo-coordinated roaming groups, as well as running daily battleground premades to put our latest plans into practice. We’re no less active in PvE progression, targeting a full clear of all 10-man raid content on Heroic difficulty.

We are a tightly-knit team of seasoned, friendly gamers who love the thrill of tactical challenges and hard-earned victories almost as much as the jovial banter that surrounds it. As experienced players with years together at the top of both World of Warcraft raiding and Warhammer Online RvR, we appreciate the need for mutual trust and cooperation. Crimson is a family, many years in the making, and we look forward to welcoming more to the fold.

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Crimson PvE: Warmaster Blackhorn DOWN!

by Emondar, 2530 days ago

And here we go - 6/8 down and we did it quite surprisingly fast, if I may say so.
This kill just goes to show that as soon as we get proper uptime, shit dies. REALLY good job by everyone involved on this one. I thought that we'd have more issues in P2, due to the insane tank/raid-damage, but the first try ever we got to P2 with everyone alive - we killed it.

Special thanks to Vannie(Sjanti), that stepped in and helped us get a full raid so we could get this done - hats off to you!

Great execution of this fight - next up is Spine of Deathwing which seems...interesting. :D

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Crimson PvE: Ultraxion down!

by Emondar, 2551 days ago

Another one bites the dust!

Really intense fight from the 5-minute mark and onwards, needing alot of healing and DPS to get it down before the hard enrage at the 6 minute mark.

Great job from everyone involved, next up is Warmaster Blackhorn, which by the looks of it will be quite the challenge.

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Crimson PvE: Hagara the Stormbinder down!

by Emondar, 2554 days ago

There we go - after a not-so-good session on her the last time we went in and killed her on the second try after reset!
Awesome job everyone involved, felt really good to get her down and that moves us to 4/8 Heroic DS!

Next up is Ultraxion and we had a look at him after Hagara tonight. Let's say that it's looking very promising for sundays raid! :D

Great stuff everyone!

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